Woman fixing white and gold themed Christmas decorations in a blue room

The tradition of Christmas decorating is always something to look forward to. As the year draws to a close, you deck your halls with festive baubles and let the spirit of the season fill your home. To inspire your upcoming plans, here’s a primer on everything you need to know from the most popular Christmas decorations to tips on Yuletide preparations.

Types of Christmas Decorations

Here are the key items used in traditional Christmas decorating:

Artificial Christmas Trees

different artificial Christmas tree sizes, colours, and lights

Think about the tree’s height and shape relative to the space you’re decorating. Foliage properties—like colour and realism—and lighting options are important things to consider, too. Some artificial Christmas trees have special features that match your needs, such as our easy set-up Flip Trees™.

Artificial Christmas Trees 101: Terms to Know

  • Branch Sample Kit: A Balsam Hill™ exclusive preview kit containing individual branches of our most popular trees
  • Classic Needles: Thin, papery needles made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), typically seen on traditional artificial Christmas trees
  • Corner tree: A space-saving tree designed to fit snugly in a corner
  • Flatback tree: A space-saving tree that lays flat against a wall
  • Flip Tree: Our easy set-up Christmas tree that rolls into place and flips upright to eliminate heavy lifting
  • Flocking: An added element that creates a frosted or snow-like effect
  • Fluffing: The technique of shaping branches or foliage to achieve its ideal shape
  • Hinged branches: Tree branches that are pre-attached to the centre pole for quick assembly
  • Narrow/slim trees: Christmas trees that are smaller in width compared to full trees
  • Pre-Fluffed™: Trees with professionally shaped memory wire branches that fan into place after the tree section is untied
  • Regular/full trees: The classic tree profile, characterized by a wide silhouette and abundant foliage
  • Tree stand: A sturdy, X-shaped steel base included with every Balsam Hill tree
  • True Needle™: Our most realistic artificial Christmas tree foliage made from injection-moulded polyethylene (PE) plastic


Christmas Tree Decorations

realistic artificial Christmas tree with lights and red and gold decorations


After deciding on your Christmas tree, consider your theme and the type of decorations you want to use. Dress it with assorted baubles, tree picks, and matching ribbons or garlands. To complete the look, pick a tree topper and a skirt, collar, or replacement stand.

Christmas Tree Decorations 101: Terms to Know

  • Antiqued: A technique to make a new object appear gently weathered
  • Bauble: A decorative item hung on a Christmas tree; often sold in coordinating sets
  • Christmas tree collar: An alternative to tree skirts that serves as a decorative cover for the base of a tree
  • Christmas tree garland: Chains of beads, crystals, lights, or other Christmas-themed elements
  • Christmas tree skirt: A wide circular fabric covering for the base of a Christmas tree
  • Christmas tree topper: An accent for the top of a Christmas tree, such as a star or an angel
  • Picks: Decorative slender sticks inserted within the branches of a tree


Christmas Lights

Artificial tree with LED Christmas tree lights in a rustic room


For an extra festive look, brighten up your tree with LED Christmas lights. Pre-lit Christmas trees are a convenient option, since they minimise the time you spend setting up. Go classic clear, multicoloured, or switch between both with our Colour + Clear™ trees. We also offer trees with fairy lights for magical displays.

Christmas Lights 101: Terms to Know

  • Bulb remover tool: Used to remove an individual bulb in case of burnout or breakage
  • Candlelight™ LED: Clear LED lights that give a warm glow similar to traditional incandescent bulbs
  • Colour + Clear: Lights that allow you to switch between clear, multicoloured, or both using a remote control
  • Easy Plug™: Exclusive Balsam Hill technology that connects light strings through the trunk for quick assembly
  • Foot pedal: A circular, step-on pedal that gives you hands-free on/off functionality for most pre-lit trees
  • Incandescent lights: Traditional Christmas lights that heat a metal filament to produce light
  • LED lights: Light-emitting diodes that don’t burn out or produce much heat


Wreaths, Garlands, and Other Greenery

artificial wreath and garland with festive Christmas decorations on a mantel


Complement your Christmas tree and decorate other parts of your home with artificial greenery. Wreaths and garlands are great accents for entrances and mantels, while potted trees add cheer to dining rooms and small areas.

Christmas Greenery 101: Terms to Know

  • Centrepiece: A foliage item designed to be placed on a table, often with a slot for a candle
  • Garland: A long segment of foliage often used on fireplace mantels, doors, and windows
  • Potted tree: A tree in a decorative pot mostly used as an accent rather than the main Christmas tree
  • Swag: Symmetrical greenery used on a mailbox, door, or mantel
  • Teardrop: Greenery shaped like a teardrop and often hung on a door
  • Topiary: A small tree clipped into a decorative shape and displayed on patios, along doorways, or in corners
  • Wreath: A circular arrangement often used on doors and windows


Other Christmas Decorations

Christmas candle holders and figurines on a table


Create festive scenes with tabletop accents like musical snow globes and figurines. Console tables and fireplace mantels are also nice display areas for flameless candles, stockings, and more. Remember, the small details matter in personalising your home décor.

Christmas Accents 101: Terms to Know

  • Christmas scents: Sticks, diffusers, or oils that emit festive aromas, such as cinnamon, hazelnut, citrus, and pine
  • Cloche: A bell-shaped dome used to create centrepieces or protect souvenirs or collectibles
  • Hurricane: A wide cylindrical candle or candleholder often found in the middle of a centrepiece
  • Mercury glass: Thick, double-walled glass that has silvery material in between its layers; does not contain actual mercury
  • Miracle Flame™: Flameless LED candles that glow with the same flicker of real candle flames
  • Nativity: Figurines depicting a Christmas scene, usually with Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus
  • Snow globe: A glass ball encasing figurines and artificial snow; set on a stand for mantel or table display
  • Votive: A small, short candle, often used in a holder

Common Timings

easy set-up artificial Christmas tree

There’s no hard rule when it comes to Christmas decorating, so you’re free to make your own traditions. But, if you’re curious about the most popular times to put up and take down decorations, here are the usual timings. We also noted the best times to buy if you’re looking for good deals.

When Should You Put Up Christmas Decorations?

Most people prefer to decorate in late November or on the fourth Sunday before Christmas. The first of December is also a popular day to ring in the season with your Christmas tree. As an alternative, you may want to wait until 12 days before Christmas to put up your decorations.

When Should Christmas Decorations Be Taken Down?

Most people take down their décor after New Year’s Day or within the first week of January to welcome the new year. Then, there are a few outliers who enjoy leaving their artificial Christmas trees and baubles up for as long as possible.

When is the Best Time to Buy an Artificial Christmas Tree & Decorations?

Get big savings on decorations after Christmas Day up until January as retail stores clear out seasonal items. To beat the rush, shop early during Christmas in July. Also keep an eye out for special deals three months before Christmas, especially come Black Friday.

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Christmas Decorating Themes

Your decorating theme determines what kinds of baubles and trim you’ll need to shop for. Start considering a theme as early as three months before Christmas. If you’re looking for inspiration, explore these festive Christmas decoration ideas:

Classic Silver & Gold

A collage of photos showcasing Christmas decorations in gold and silver metallic colours

Gold and silver decorations look especially elegant on a pre-lit tree. Hang shiny glass globes and finial-shaped baubles, then lay a shimmering tree skirt to match. For extra sparkle, coordinate your gift wrappers and greenery, too.

Get the Look:

Brilliant Bordeaux

A collage of photos featuring Christmas tree decorations in burgundy and gold

This festive motif is one of our all-time favourite Christmas decorating ideas. Burgundy and gold baubles complement the green foliage of your tree and even your wreaths and garlands. Finish the look with a golden tree topper and a beaded tree skirt.

Get the Look:

Farmhouse Christmas

A collage of photos showcasing rustic, farmhouse-themed Christmas décor

For a charming rustic display, pair a realistic Christmas tree with pinecones, woodland figurines, and other nature-themed accents. Choose baubles in earthy hues and plaid or striped patterns, then incorporate wooden decorations such as a barrel tree collar and a vintage-inspired snow sled.

Get the Look:

Christmas Village

A set of photos featuring assorted Christmas decorations in red and white

Add touches of whimsy to your home with berry and floral picks, white baubles, and other red and white accents. Look for decorations featuring Father Christmas and his reindeer, and use seasonal lanterns to bring cheer to your entryways.

Get the Look:

Scandinavian Cabin

A collage of photos featuring Christmas décor in light, neutral colours

If you prefer a minimalist look, go for a tree with an organic sparse profile. Neutral colours and simple accents work best for this popular decorating theme, with some people choosing to leave their tree bare. To create a cosy ambience, complement your display with a faux fur tree skirt, flameless candles, and greenery.

Get the Look:

Christmas Decorating Tips

Now you have an idea of what to buy, when to buy them, and when to put them up and take them down. You may have a theme in mind, too. Next, here’s a rundown of tips to guide your Christmas decorating.


Woman hanging colourful garlands on a decorated artificial Christmas tree


STEP 1: Make an Inventory of Your Collection.

After selecting a theme, list down the items needed and set a working budget. If you’re reusing your existing decorations, check their condition and look out for damages. Test light bulbs and repair or replace anything as needed.

STEP 2: Clean Up Before Decorating.

It can be tiring to clean and decorate at the same time. So, clean the house a day or two before adding Christmas decorations. This makes the task easier and more enjoyable.

STEP 3: Work with a Team.

Ask help from family members and friends to make setting up more manageable. Start with the big tasks first and leave simpler jobs for last.

STEP 4: Don't Forget to Allot Time for Gift Wrapping!

Try to match your gift wrappers with your decorative theme for a special touch. If you have indoor pets or young children, wait a day or two before Christmas to lay out the gifts.

Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Woman hanging Christmas lights on an artificial Christmas tree

Make sure to fluff the branches of your artificial Christmas tree before adding decorations. To prevent dislodging or breaking baubles, decorate from the top of your tree and work your way down. Start with accents that you need to hang around your Christmas tree, such as light strings, ribbons, and garlands.

Spread out your baubles and tree picks in various sections of your tree. Every once in a while, step back to check if your decorations look balanced. Keep your Christmas tree topper and accents in place with secure fasteners and consider placing thick towels or a blanket under the tree when handling delicate baubles.


Decorating Key Parts of the Home

For the Front Door and Porch:

Front porches decorated with Balsam Hill’s Winter Birch Twig Tree and Outdoor Festive Poinsettia Foliage


Wreaths and garlands instantly make your entryway more welcoming. Greet neighbours and guests with potted plants and twig trees flanking your door. For extra flair, consider stringing lights and displaying decorative figures outside your home.

For the Living Room or Common Area:

Balsam Hill’s Silver and Gold Glass Bauble Set on a Christmas tree and Norway Spruce Festive Foliage hanging from a shelf


Complement your Christmas tree with matching greenery on your mantel or shelves. Stockings, figurines, and snow globes are other festive touches you can add throughout the room.

For the Dining Room:

Christmas wreaths and garlands decorating two dining areas


Make dinner parties extra merry with decorated greenery as your table centrepiece. You can even put up a narrow Christmas tree in a corner and match your dinnerware with your decorating theme.


Use traditional accents like pinecones, holly berries, and sprigs of foliage as easy ways to decorate any room.

For Other Parts of the Home:

A Balsam Hill artificial Christmas tree in the corner of the bedroom and two sparse trees in a teal reading nook


Some families decorate their bedrooms, dens, and reading nooks with smaller trees. Try experimenting with creative themes and unique baubles to transform these special spaces.

Safety and Storage

A half-open Balsam Hill Wreath Storage Bag with a wreath inside


Keep safety in mind as you decorate. Be mindful of electric outlets and cords, especially if you’re stringing a lot of lights around your home. Only choose UL Listed lights to avoid fire hazards.

When it’s time to take down your Christmas decorations, keep them in proper storage boxes and bags. This will help you enjoy your artificial Christmas tree and baubles for many years to come. Find more storage tips here.

We hope this guide has inspired your plans for Christmas decorating. If you have any questions, reach out to us here. For more Christmas tree decoration ideas, visit our blog.