• Beautifully Crafted

    Christmas Trees

    Bring home the wonder and joy of Christmas
    with a tree so realistic it's magical.

    Inspired by Nature

    Our exclusive True Needle® foliage is modelled after
    real evergreen branches to beautifully replicate
    nature’s design.

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    The True Needle® Process

    How we replicate nature with precision.
    1. Our founder studies and photographs trees in their natural environment. We refrigerate real branch specimens at our manufacturing facility and reference them in the development process.
    1. 3D branch prototypes are refined until they look just like nature. We use the final prototypes to make production moulds and optimize each mould to remove the slightest imperfections.
    1. Branches are colour-matched against real specimens, and then dipped, sprayed, and hand-painted to produce the true-to-nature look that defines True Needle® foliage.

    The Journey of a Balsam Hill Tree

    Take a peek inside our exclusive process of creating highly realistic trees with our founder, Thomas Harman.

    Choosing a Realism Level for Your Tree

    Most Realistic
    • More than 70% True Needle® (PE) foliage for outstanding realism.
    • Incredibly lifelike whether viewed from 30 feet or 3 inches away with Classic Needle (PVC) foliage used near the trunk to enhance fullness.
    • A mix of True Needle® (PE) and Classic Needle (PVC) foliage, balancing realism and budget.
    • True Needle® branches compose the more visible exterior of the tree, while Classic Needles form a lush, full interior.
    • Our most cost-effective trees with 100% Classic Needle (PVC) foliage.
    • Only top-quality Classic Needle for high needle density, reduced shedding, and rich colour that won’t fade.

    "This tree is so lifelike, with multi-textured branches and needles, a white under colour to some
    of the branches, it is just simply wonderful."
    MARTIN FROM SURREY, Owner of the Nordmann Fir

    Setup Made Simple

    Quick and easy setup means Balsam Hill trees save
    you time for what matters most.

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    No Sweat Setup & Storage

    Our exclusive Flip Tree is engineered for ultimate convenience.
    Roll & Flip Setup
    No more heavy lifting—just wheel the tree base
    into place on a built-in rolling stand, flip it over,
    and attach the smaller treetop.
    Effortless Lighting
    Easy Plug light strings connect through the trunk
    so that the only plug you need to touch is the one
    that goes into the wall.
    Convenient Storage
    Simply remove the treetop and flip the base back
    over. Slip the included cover over the tree and roll
    it into storage. Tree stores upright, saving space.

    Flip Trees in Action

    Watch how our exclusive Flip Tree transitions from storage to display in seconds.

    Additional Easy Setup Options

    Pre fluffed Trees
    Each tree is individually hand-shaped by
    professionals prior to delivery. Strong memory wire
    branches fan out as you set up, so fluffing takes less
    time. All Pre Fluffed trees come with Easy Plug.
    Easy Plug Trees
    Our innovative lighting system features pre-
    connected light strands through the trunk, so the only
    plug you need is the one that goes into the wall.
    Included on all pre-lit Flip and Pre Fluffed trees.

    Light up your Christmas

    Choose from a variety of professionally hand-strung
    LED lighting options, from Clear to Multi, to having
    both on the same tree.

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    Benefits of a Balsam Hill Pre-lit Tree

    No more stringing up lights or
    tangling wires. All lights evenly
    spaced for you.
    Easy Plug
    Automatic light connections
    within the trunk with one plug.
    *On select pre-lit trees
    Energy Saving LED
    All pre-lit trees feature energy-
    efficient LED lights that won't
    ever burn out.
    Optimized bulb
    Exclusive filament and
    LED tones cast a warm,
    candle-like glow.

    Warm Led Lighting

    Our specially designed clear Candlelight™ LEDs provide energy efficiency and a warm, soft glow.
    Balsam Hill Candlelight LED™
    Competitor's regular white LED
    Exclusive LED Colour + Clear Lighting
    Our LED Colour + Clear remote-controlled lighting system offers
    three options in one. Select clear lights for an enchanting glow,
    multicoloured for a festive mood, or select both for a showstopper.
    Each tree is strung with both clear and coloured strands, offering at
    least 40% more lights than our standard pre-lit options.
    "Easy to assemble and being pre-lit saves all the faff of untangling lights and
    trying to spread them evenly."
    JULIE FROM WAKEFIELD, Owner of the BH Fraser Fir

    LED Pre-lit Trees

    Energy-efficient lights that won't burn out.

    Prefer to string your own lights? Shop our unlit trees.

    Crafted with Care

    We thoughtfully refined all of the standard tree features—and
    then we added a few more to surprise and delight.

    Sleek Connection
    Selected trees feature Easy Plug
    technology that connects light
    strings inside the trunk.
    Artistic Foliage Design
    True Needle® (PE) foliage forms a highly
    realistic exterior with Classic Needles
    (PVC) placed inside for fullness.
    Scratch-proof Stand
    Rubber feet help keep floors clean
    and beautiful.
    Strong Top Tip
    Reinforced top branch keeps tree
    toppers upright and secure.
    Perfect Glow
    Professionally hand-strung lights
    are evenly spaced providing an
    optimal warm glow.
    Hassle-free Setup
    Hinged branches fold out for
    easy setup and back in for
    simple storage.
    Soft cotton gloves for fluffing
    Storage bag/s for the off-season
    Extra bulbs & fuses
    3-Year Warranty on all
    non-clearance trees
    Free Delivery
    On all UK and
    Ireland orders

    The Perfect Fit

    From boutique apartments to grand residences, we have the
    right tree for your space.
    Shop by Height
    Choose a tree that is 6 inches shorter than your ceiling or 18
    inches shorter if using a tree topper.
    Shop by Shape
    Choose a full tree for spacious rooms, a slim tree for
    moderate-sized areas, or a potted tree for tight corners.


    Because of Balsam Hill's outstanding realism, our artificial Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands are
    the top choice for set designers at prominent event venues and on your favourite TV shows,
    including the Royal Albert Hall, This Morning, Good Morning Britain, The Jonathan Ross Show,
    Lorraine, Loose Women and more.

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    Need Help Getting Started?

    Balsam Hill®’s mission is to create beautifully crafted artificial Christmas trees to make your Christmas celebrations picture-perfect. Our lifelike trees are inspired by nature and designed for convenience and longevity. We’re committed to offering the best artificial Christmas trees that suit your style and space with various foliage types, sizes, shapes, and setup options.

    Faux Trees Inspired by Nature

    Balsam Hill® artificial Christmas trees are composed of two main types of needles: PE (polyethylene) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Our exclusive True Needle® foliage is modelled after real evergreen tree branches. They’re made from injection-moulded PE designed to replicate the structure, texture, and colour variations of natural branches. Classic Needle foliage is made from flat PVC strips traditionally used for most artificial Christmas trees in the market.

    Balsam Hill® Christmas trees are offered in three levels of realism. Our Most Realistic Christmas Trees are made up of at least 65% True Needle® foliage for outstanding realism. Our Realistic Christmas Trees are made with a combination of True Needle® and Classic Needle foliage for realism and fullness. Our cost-effective Traditional Christmas Trees are made with mostly Classic Needles and the same Balsam Hill® quality.

    Decorate Every Room, Big or Small

    Balsam Hill® trees come in varied sizes to bring Christmas cheer to any space. 4 to 4.5 feet-high Christmas trees are suitable for rooms with limited space. They can be used as centrepieces or entryway accents. 5 to 5.5 feet-high trees and 6 to 6.5 feet-high Christmas trees are designed to fit most homes with average ceiling heights. 7 to 7.5 feet-high trees are a popular choice and considered the best Christmas tree for living rooms and foyers with the 8-foot ceilings. Christmas trees 8 to 12 feet tall look great when displayed in rooms with high, vaulted ceilings and areas with a lot of vertical space.

    Light Up Your Artificial Tree Beautifully

    Balsam Hill® artificial Christmas trees are available pre-lit for a hassle-free set up, and unlit if you prefer to string your own lights. Our pre-lit artificial trees come with hand-strung, energy-saving LED lights that are evenly distributed and professionally arranged. Enjoy the warm, candle-like glow of LED Clear lights, the festive jewel tones of LED Multi-coloured lights, or the beauty of one or both with our LED Colour+Clear™ technology. We also offer LED Fairy Lights for a delightful Christmas tree display.

    Shapes to Suit Your Style and Space

    Balsam Hill® trees come in various shapes and sizes. A Full tree is considered the best Christmas tree shape because its classic silhouette suits most decorating themes. Narrow trees offer the look of a full tree with a slimmer silhouette, while Slim trees dress up tight corners without sacrificing height. Our Flatback tree is a creative solution for limited spaces. Its flat side rests against the wall to create an illusion of a full tree while taking up a fraction of the space.

    Set Up with Ease

    Enjoy the convenience of Balsam Hill®’s Easy Setup Trees. Reduce setup time with Pre-fluffed™ Trees which are designed with memory wire branches that fan out upon unboxing. Meanwhile, our patented Easy Plug® Trees come with pre-made light connections inside the trunk which makes lighting as simple as plugging into a wall socket.

    Read this article to learn more about the Balsam Hill® difference. Visit our sales page to find the best deals on artificial Christmas trees.

    Balsam Hill®
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