Branch Sample Kit

Our goal is for you to find your perfect Balsam Hill™ Christmas tree in the comfort of your own home without any holiday shopping hassle. For those of you who would like the opportunity to view samples of our products in person before you purchase your new tree, we are pleased to offer our exclusive Branch Sample Kit.

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Large Branch Sample Kit
15 Branches
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Customers love the Branch Sample Kit
A Great idea. A Great help
Since the trees are not exactly cheap, I felt it was worth my while in ordering the kit. It has helped me make the decision to buy from BH and on which tree to buy. The quality of the branches are good and I am looking forward to Christmas.
—VB from Eastern England
Helped Me Choose The Right Tree!
When I had chosen the branch then I looked on the website to find the best size. It really removed all of the uncertainty surrounding making this type of purchase on a website.
—Xmas shopper from Cheshire, UK
Genius Idea!
Great idea to help you choose the perfect tree. It certainly helped me and i can now use the samples as mini trees - an added decoration!
—Nicola from Somerset, UK
Great way to view different branches
A great idea to be able to feel the quality of the tree branches before choosing our tree.
—Kate from Devon, UK
A must before choosing
Price deducted from purchase. Spot on in making choice of tree.
—Si mc from Dorset
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