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Flameless Candles & Candle Holders

Create a welcoming ambiance with a warm glow.

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Come home to a place of comfort and charm with Balsam Hill’s thoughtfully-crafted Christmas candles. With an innovative design, our flameless candles can brighten up any room in a safe and convenient way.

What is the Most Realistic Flameless Candle?

Balsam Hill’s Miracle Flame® candles mimic the flicker and glow of real candlelight, without the mess of dripping wax or the hazard of an open flame. Each flameless candle is hand-poured from paraffin wax and features slightly melted edges to look just like the real thing. These LED candles are battery-powered for longer use and come with a remote control that allows you to adjust brightness and speed.

How Do You Display a Flameless Candle?

There are many ways to decorate your home with Christmas candles and holders. Explore these easy tips to brighten up indoor and outdoor areas:

  • Illuminate Pathways and Stairways

Light the way to your front door with outdoor flameless candles and lanterns. Line them up along pathways or porch steps to greet guests with a warm welcome. Flameless pillar candles are ideal for exterior spaces as they stay lit even when it’s windy. Indoors, display lanterns near the hallways and stairways for an enchanting glow. Instead of plain candles, look for decorated lanterns or embellish them with foliage that are in-season.

  • Elevate the Living Room and Lounging Areas

Cosy up the spaces where people usually gather. Set LED candles in charming flameless candle holders and position them on the fireplace mantel or on top of coffee tables in the living room. These can also draw attention to shelves and enhance the ambience of your lounging and reading nooks. For a unique touch, consider using artificial foliage like wreaths or garlands as Christmas candle decorations.

  • Set the Scene in the Dining Room

Create memorable gatherings with elegant tablescapes. Flameless Christmas candles are versatile pieces that will complement your table setting no matter the theme. Place each candle separately along the length of the dining table or group them together at the centre. For a romantic flair, switch off your main lights and let Christmas window candles spread warmth from the windowsill throughout the room.

  • Add a Relaxing Glow to Bedrooms and Bathrooms

With their soft flickering radiance, candles can make personal spaces look more comfortable and inviting. Enhance your bedroom's mood lighting with candles on top of dressing tables or side tables. Use lanterns in place of bedside lamps for a rustic style. In the bathroom, arrange a few candles beside the sink to recreate the soothing atmosphere of a luxury spa.

  • Incorporate Candles into Your Seasonal Display

Candles suit different occasions in any season. Add magic to spring and summer parties with outdoor-safe candles for your backyard gatherings. The gentle flicker of the faux flames will bring a sophisticated touch to your Mother’s Day, Easter, or birthday celebrations. In autumn, use LED candles to give your Halloween display a haunting glow. Finish the look with spiderwebs, pumpkins, or other whimsical accents. When Christmas comes, create a merry scene with a candle-lit mantel or dinner table.

Set the stage for extraordinary moments with Balsam Hill’s flameless candles and Christmas candle holders. Shop premium Christmas décor and other festive accents on our website today.

Visit our Resource Centre for more Christmas decorating tips and ideas. Request a Catalogue to find design inspiration and be the first to know about our latest offerings.

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