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Artificial Foliage

Designed to capture the beauty of real evergreens, our artificial Christmas wreaths and garlands add festive warmth to doors or fireplace mantels.


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  • 18" - 22" Wreaths (11)
  • 24" - 26" Wreaths (12)
  • 28" - 32" Wreaths (24)
  • 6' - 6.5' Garlands (26)
  • 9' - 10' Garlands (24)
  • Most Realistic (54)
    Incredibly realistic trees using primarily our exclusive True Needle™ award-winning foliage
  • Realistic (18)
    Realistic trees using a mixture of True Needle™ foliage & classic PVC needles
  • Traditional (17)
    Very affordable trees reflecting Balsam Hill quality made from classic PVC needles
Light Type
  • Candlelight™ Clear LED (95)
    The warm candle-like glow of a traditional light in an LED.
  • Unlit (8)
  • Battery Operated (95)
Decoration Options
  • Decorated (80)
    Beautiful, pre-decorated foliage to add sophisticated elegance to your home
  • Undecorated (23)
    Simple charm of evergreen foliage, versatile for any decorating style
  • Outdoor Wreaths and Garlands (43)
  • £70 - £100 (4)
  • Over £100 (99)
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Looking for the best Christmas foliage for your home? Balsam Hill® offers artificial Christmas foliage with lasting beauty for years to come. Get the best of both worlds—wreaths and garlands that are true-to-nature and easy to maintain. Select from various sizes, light types, and foliage options. Use our artificial Christmas greenery to instantly brighten your favourite spaces.

What Greenery Do You Use for a Christmas Wreath and Garland?

Traditional arrangements are formed with fir, spruce, and pine branches. The needles of these tree species are sturdy enough to hold decorations. Other types of leaves are added for texture such as our Christmas eucalyptus garlands. Natural accents like berries, pinecones, and Christmas flowers elevate the visual interest.

Balsam Hill® offers a variety of greenery for Christmas to fit your decorating style and preferences. Many are crafted with the same foliage as our artificial Christmas trees. They’re made with True Needle® PE tips for realism, classic PVC needles for fullness, or a combination of both. These are inspired by real evergreens, from the shape and texture of the needles to their varying hues.

Explore more decorating possibilities with our unlit and undecorated styles. For an effortless Christmas display in minutes, choose from battery-operated pre-lit and decorated foliage. There’s a wide range of themes available—from rustic to colourful and festive. You’re sure to find the best Christmas greenery garlands and wreaths that fit your space.

Where are the Best Places to Hang Artificial Christmas Wreaths and Garlands?

The front door is a favourite spot for greenery, as they create a warm and inviting first impression. Beyond the entryway, there are other places you can spruce up with these versatile décor pieces.

  • Porch – Greet neighbours and guests with a festive display of wreaths. Hang them on windows or suspend them from the porch ceiling. Make your own wreath gallery with three to five different wreaths at varying heights on the wall. Complete the look with matching Christmas garlands. Wrap them around porch columns or drape them along railings.
  • Patio – Dress up al fresco entertaining spaces with artificial Christmas flowers and foliage. Hang wreaths on walls or windows or use a garland across the length of the table as a centrepiece. Make sure decorations are outdoor-safe if you’re placing them in areas exposed to sun, rain, or snow.
  • Mantel – As a focal point in any room, the fireplace mantel is a great spot to display Christmas greenery. Add depth to your wreath display by placing a mirror behind it or placing a frame around it.
  • Kitchen – As one of the busiest areas of the season, the kitchen deserves some Christmas cheer, too. Decorate areas where the greenery won’t get in the way of housework. Hang wreaths on windows, walls, or over cabinet doors. Place garlands on top of cupboards or use them to frame shelves.
  • Dining Room – Turn a wreath or garland into a table centrepiece. Use matching greenery to decorate your sideboard, bar cart, or dessert table. Attach a small wreath to the back of each chair to complement your stylish table setup.
  • Bedroom – Bring the Christmas spirit into your room by hanging a wreath on the wall above the headboard. Use a garland to decorate the top of the dresser or to frame a closet.

Find the best Christmas foliage garlands to complement your Balsam Hill® Christmas tree. Shop our exquisite collection of wreaths and garlands. Then, have a look at our swags and other foliage to complete your decorating set today.

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