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Christmas Scents

Capture the spirit of the season with our collection of Christmas tree scents. Let natural evergreen aromas enhance your festive celebrations and remind you of the season all throughout the year. These captivating mood fragrances for Christmas set the tone for unforgettable memories that you'll love to relive time and again.

Revel in the Scent of Real Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas trees have several advantages over natural evergreens. You get to choose from a wide variety of options, save on maintenance costs, and stay free from allergens. Balsam Hill’s most realistic trees offer stunning replicas of natural foliage. For a more lifelike display, get the invigorating scent of Christmas trees with our premium fragrance oils. Place them in our fragrance machine and relax as the delightful aroma fills your entire space.

Balsam Hill offers realistic Christmas tree scents that give off the distinct aroma of various evergreens. Match the fragrance oil to your tree for an enhanced sensory experience. For instance, pair our Fraser Fir Scents of the Season with our best-selling BH Fraser Fir tree. Enjoy the woodsy scent of freshly cut trees with our Balsam Fir and Cedar Wood fragrance oils. For a warm and cosy feeling, let the delicious aroma of cinnamon waft through your home.

Make your gatherings extra festive and sweet with fragrances everyone will love. Balsam Hill’s exclusive fragrance oils are available in sets of 3 so you can experience crisp forest freshness in the comfort of your home throughout the season.

How to Use Christmas Tree Scents

We recommend using a specialized fragrance machine for a complete aromatic experience. Our portable diffuser can be operated with a power cord or rechargeable batteries. Simply attach the scent oil bottles directly into the unit. The machine’s advanced design supports easy attachment and allows you to change scent cartridges anytime you want. Customise the diffusing settings and set the timer for convenience. The timer includes a continuous mode as well as diffusing periods of 30, 60, 90, 120, or 180 minutes.

Aside from our mood fragrances for Christmas, the machine can also be used with other standard essential oil bottles. Make sure to place the diffuser on a level surface and in an upright position to prevent the oil from spilling. Keep it away from furniture that may be damaged by essential oils.

Other Ways to Improve Your Home’s Ambience

Along with diffusing the scent of Christmas trees and other aromas, enhance your indoor spaces with lights. Our pre-lit Christmas trees feature bright LEDs that emit a candle-like glow. For added sparkle, use battery-operated flameless candles that safely set the mood. Accent your home with greenery and Christmas tree lights to make it more inviting.

Infuse your home with the festive aromas of the Yuletide season. Browse Balsam Hill's mood fragrances for Christmas and other seasonal home décor today.

For more Christmas decorating ideas, visit the Balsam Hill blog. Reach out to our Customer Service Team for any questions or concerns about our products.