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    Enjoy the wonderful aromas of the season
    with our unique Christmas scents,
    designed to complement Balsam Hill trees,
    wreaths & garlands.
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    Christmas Scents

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    Infuse your home with the festive fragrance of the season. Our Christmas scents create a refreshing ambience for your celebrations.

    Smells Like Christmas

    Fill the air with the comforting Christmas tree scents this festive season. Our Scents of the Season Fragrance Machine makes infusing your home with your favourite fragrances. Designed for easy use, this fragrance machine accommodates most essential oil bottles and comes with an extra empty bottle for your convenience. Bottles can directly fit into the unit, allowing you to change scent cartridges anytime you want. This essential oil diffuser also features multiple settings that lets you control the flow of the fragrance. It also comes with a built-in timer functionality that lets you set the amount of time between 30, 60, 90, 120, or 180 minutes, or even set it on continuous mode. This scent machine also gives you the option to plug it in or use rechargeable batteries. Portable and convenient, this scent machine can be moved easily from one room to another at any time.

    Season’s Fragrance

    Enjoy the refreshing smell of the Christmas season with our collection of Christmas scents. Exclusively sourced by Balsam Hill in the Northeast of the United States, our essential oil fragrances feature the popular scents and invigorating aroma of evergreens. Each scent comes in a set of 3 0.5-ounce bottles that fit perfectly into our Scents of the Season Fragrance Machine. Experience the refreshing Christmas tree scents of beloved evergreens with the Balsam Fir and Cedar Wood essential oils. These scents are specifically crafted to complement your tree and Christmas greenery, setting the perfect scene and mood for your celebrations this season or for tranquil winter nights by the fire.

    Get the complete aromatic experience this season with our Christmas scents. Shop the Balsam Hill website today for more exclusive seasonal décor and accessories for your home.

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