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    Christmas in July Sale
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    Christmas in July Sale Save up to 50% Ends 3 Aug Shop Sale
    Wreath Storage Bag by Balsam Hill Wreath Storage Bag by Balsam Hill Double Wreath Storage Bag by Balsam Hill SSC 40

    Wreath Storage Bag

    Keep your wreaths in lovely shape and looking great season after season with sturdy storage bags. These wreath storage bags features an inner hanger and curved carrying handle to keep foliage in a stable upright position.
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    Customers love the Wreath Storage Bag
    Very good product indeed
    Although this is sold as a wreath storage bag it is in fact a large circular canvas bag which in my case has taken a very small Christmas tree, all the lights, decorations, cards, wrapping paper and in fact absolutely everything I use for Christmas all in one place and keeps it clean, safe, undamaged and easy to find for next Christmas.
    —Anonymous from 
    This is certainly one of my best buys!
    I shopped several wreath bags and this is without a doubt the best quality wreath storage bag I have seen.
    —Sanibel Kid from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
    Highly recommended
    I bought a large Christmas wreath on sale at a fraction of its original cost/value. I paid more for this wreath storage bag but I feel that the outstanding features of this bag will ensure many years of use out of my new wreath.
    —Pearl from Savannah, Georgia, USA
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