Wreaths, garlands, and other greenery are staple Christmas decorations in many homes. They add cheer and put the finishing touches to entryways, living rooms, and more. Artificial greenery is a great option if you want something that lasts for years. They’re also good if you have allergies or worry about pets accidentally ingesting the foliage.

Balsam Hill® offers different types of greenery and this guide shows you how to choose the best ones for your home—from sizing to care and storage. 

What are the common types of artificial greenery?

Many of our wreaths and garlands match specific artificial Christmas trees and share the same needle, colour, and texture. Some are part of collections that include swags and potted greenery. Pre-lit and unlit options are both available to suit your preferences.

artificial wreath with clear lights


An arrangement set on a circular base with a metal frame backing


artificial garland with clear lights


An elongated arrangement with a flexible spine and can be connected with other garlands


artificial greenery arrangement with decorations

Swag & Teardrop

A cluster arrangement designed to hang downward or lie flat


artificial potted foliage with Christmas accents

Potted Foliage

An arrangement set inside a container, usually a pot


What greenery size should I choose?

pre-lit artificial greenery wreaths of different sizes with various decorative accents

Size is as important as style when decorating with faux greenery. Below are measuring guides to help you determine the size you need. Take note that these measurements are after fluffing and shaping.


Wreaths are typically displayed on doors, but you can hang them on walls or set them on the mantel. Balsam Hill artificial wreaths range from 18 to 32 inches in diameter.

18 to 22 inches

Best for standard front doors measuring 30 to 34 inches wide. You can hang two wreaths of this size on double doors.

24 to 26 inches

Suitable for a larger entryway or if you want a slightly oversized wreath for your standard door.

28 to 32 inches

Recommended for oversized doors. Also ideal for wider spaces like walls with high ceilings, or above large fireplace mantels.


Garlands are flexible and can be draped over doors, banisters, or mantels. Balsam Hill artificial garlands range from 6 feet to 10 feet long, and most can be linked together to make a longer garland if needed.

6 to 6.5 feet

Recommended for standard doors or mantels. Connect several for a longer garland.

9 to 10 feet

Suitable for wider archways and double doors. Use this if you want the garlands to gather at the bottom.

How to choose the right size of wreath and garland

Watch this video and learn how to determine the right size of wreath and garland for your front door:

For Greenery Wreaths:

Measure the height and width of the space where it will be displayed. A wreath should cover 50 to 75% of the space’s width and shouldn’t be wider or taller than the hanging surface.

  • For a standard 30- to 36-inch door, allot about 6 inches of space on each side of the wreath for a simple look.
  • For a more dramatic effect, choose a bigger wreath but leave at least 2 inches of space on each side.

For Greenery Garlands:

Use string or yarn as a placeholder. The length you end up with is the same size you need for your garland.

  • To wrap around an object, use twice as much length of foliage as the height of the object.
  • For a flat surface, allow 2 feet on each end to hang off the edge.
  • To hang on a line, plan for roughly 1.5 to 2 feet of garland for every 1 foot of draping space to allow for slack.
  • Make sure the garland’s thickness doesn’t under- or overwhelm the area. Consider double layers or opt for a swag or teardrop if you want a fuller look.

What are the types of artificial foliage?

Our artificial greenery collection features varying levels of realism and styles. Many are designed after the foliage of real tree species, from the shape and texture of the needles to the nuances in colour.

Needle Type

We categorise needle types according to the material used. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) needles are flat and papery, while PE (polyethylene) needles have more dimension. Some artificial greenery feature a combination of both—the more realistic the foliage, the higher the PE count.

realistic Christmas tree needles

True Needle®

Exclusive to Balsam Hill, these injection-moulded PE needles mimic the structure, texture, and colour variations of natural evergreens

traditional PVC Christmas tree needles

Classic Needle

Soft, flat, and flexible PVC needles with a more classic artificial Christmas tree look

Levels of Realism

close-up of realistic greenery needles and decorations

Most Realistic

These wreaths and garlands feature our exclusive True Needle foliage, made from PE tips that mimic the structure and colour of natural evergreen needles.


close-up of traditional greenery needles and accents


Affordable faux greenery with the same Balsam Hill quality, made from classic PVC needles for a full and lush look.


Other Considerations

a Christmas-themed wreath and garland on a white front door


Christmas-themed artificial greenery with baubles, green or frosted foliage, and other accents


fall-themed greenery wreath and garland on a front door


Lush arrangements featuring artificial foliage, flowers, and fruits in autumn colours


outdoor-safe artificial greenery wreath and garland


UV-protected to prolong colour and beauty when displayed outdoors. We recommend placing your greenery under a form of cover, such as canopy or roof, to protect them from heavy wind and rain.


What are my options for pre-lit artificial greenery?

Balsam Hill offers both unlit and pre-lit artificial greenery to suit your decorating style. All pre-lit models are battery-operated and professionally hand-strung with UL-listed bulbs.

decorated greenery wreath with clear LED lights and pinecones

Battery-operated LED

Pre-lit with energy-efficient clear LED lights that emit a warm, candle-like glow.


an unlit artificial wreath with faux apple and berry accents


No lights built in, so you can add your own or leave it unlit.


How do I set up my artificial greenery?

woman fixing a decorated artificial wreath on a white wall

How to unbox your new Wreath & Garland

Your faux greenery will arrive at your door in a box. Here’s how to prepare for set-up:

Step 1|Look for the sign on the box indicating which end to open.

Step 2|Carefully cut the seal and open the box flaps.

Step 3|Pull the greenery out of its box. Take note that it’s compressed for packing and needs to be fluffed.

Step 4|Inspect and identify the plug or battery box if applicable.

Step 5|Make sure to store extra bulbs in case you need them.

How to fluff Wreaths & Garlands

After unboxing, you’ll notice that the foliage is compressed in its packaging. Artificial wreaths and garlands need to be fluffed and reshaped to give them a fuller, realistic look.

For Wreaths

Step 1|Straighten each tip individually and spread out the tips so they extend outward all around the wreath. Bend tips to fill any gaps.

Step 2|Adjust tips to make sure that the attached decorations are not covered under foliage.

For Garlands

Step 1|Lay it on a flat surface with the spine facing downward.

Step 2|Straighten out bends or kinks in the wire.

Step 3|Straighten and spread out individual tips to create a full, lush effect.

For more tips on shaping your artificial greenery, read this in-depth guide.

How to hang Wreaths & Garlands

Balsam Hill wreaths have wire frames, while garlands have spines that support the foliage when hung on hooks or strings. If you’re concerned about damage to surfaces, there are ways to hang wreaths and garlands without making holes. Wreath and garland hangers can be used, as they are made specifically to go over doors. This way, you don’t have to drill holes or hang greenery from a nail. Make sure that the hanger you choose can carry the weight of your greenery.

How do I take care of my artificial greenery?

decorated greenery wreath and garland on a mantel

How to care for Greenery

It’s best to clean your artificial greenery before packing it away. Here’s how:

Step 1|Use a hair dryer on low setting to blow dust away on the tips. Or, gently remove dust from surfaces with a feather duster.

Step 2|With a light hand, wipe the larger decorations such as leaves and ornaments individually with a microfiber cloth to remove any dirt build-up.

Step 3|De-fluff by flattening tips to make it easier to fit into the storage container.

Step 4|Cover your greenery in plastic for extra protection. Include a couple of desiccant pouches to keep it dry in case of moisture.


Pick a dark, dry, and cool place to store your greenery.
Avoid areas that change temperature or are exposed to direct sunlight to prevent damage.

How to store Wreaths & Garlands

Balsam Hill wreath storage bag

Store your foliage properly so that it retains its shape and beauty season after season. If you don’t have the original box anymore, use specially designed storage bags. These are made of sturdy material with padding and secure openings to keep your artificial greenery intact and safe.


We hope this guide helps you choose the best artificial greenery for your home.
Leave a comment below for any questions or reach out to us here.



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