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Christmas Tree Storage Bags & Accessories

Our heavy-duty storage bags and accessories protect your most treasured Christmas tree and decorations.

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Preserve the beauty of your Christmas centrepiece for years to come with Balsam Hill’s heavy duty Christmas tree storage bags. They are expertly crafted to protect your treasured artificial Christmas trees from dirt and damage once the season is over.

Why Choose a Christmas Tree Storage Bag?

When it’s time to put away your Christmas tree, returning it to its original cardboard box may seem like a no-brainer. However, these boxes are bound to deteriorate over time and may not offer the protection your artificial Christmas tree needs. Cardboard material is also prone to damage from dust, mites, pests, and other elements. Without proper safekeeping, an artificial Christmas tree storage box is likely to grow mould and cause irreversible damage to your tree.

Size is another potential downside of a cardboard Christmas tree storage box. The bulky package takes up a lot of storage space and could require heavy lifting from room to room. To prevent these issues, it’s important to invest in professionally designed storage solutions such as Balsam Hill’s durable storage bags. They are created with quality and convenience in mind to keep your tree in good shape and make decorating easy every season.

What is the Best Christmas Tree Storage Bag?

Balsam Hill’s artificial Christmas tree storage bags are available in different sizes to provide the perfect fit for your centrepiece. Consider these factors when looking for the best storage bag for your Christmas tree:

  • Size – Choose a storage bag that accommodates your artificial Christmas tree’s height and width. It must be snug enough to protect your tree while leaving ample space to safeguard its shape and integrity. Our storage bags are offered in three sizes to fit your tree’s height and profile: Slim, Standard, and Extra-Large.
  • Materials – Christmas tree bags are primarily crafted from plastic, canvas, PVC, or polyester fabric. While those made of plastic are the more affordable option, they don’t provide the strength of polyester fabric. Balsam Hill’s Christmas tree storage bags are crafted with 600D polyester fabric, with layers of padding and durable stitching to withstand wear and tear.
  • Ease of use – It’s best to keep your tree upright during storage to simplify assembly for the next season. With Balsam Hill’s tree storage bag, the base of your tree will remain upright so you don’t have to dismantle your entire display. It’s also mounted on a metal stand with rolling wheels to make transport and storage as quick and convenient as possible.

How Do You Pack a Christmas Tree in a Storage Bag?

  1. Prepare your tools for packing up. This includes your storage bag and lightweight gloves to protect your hands while handling the tree.
  2. Remove all decorations from your tree and unplug any built-in lights. Consider using specially designed bauble storage solutions to keep your favourite trimmings safe.
  3. Disassemble your tree following the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure your tree is free of dust and dirt, and only use the recommended materials for packing.
  4. To save time and effort, choose Balsam Hill’s collapsible, roll-up Christmas tree storage bag. All you need to do is detach the top section, place it in a special compartment, and pull up the bag up over the tree.
  5. Secure the bag and wheel your tree to its designated storage spot.
  6. Store your tree in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. This will prevent the tree from developing mould and musty odour while in storage.

What About Your Baubles and Other Decorations?

Your delicate bauble sets and heirloom Christmas decorations deserve a quality storage solution, too. Keeping them safe from dust and direct sunlight can help maintain their vibrant colour and intricate details. Our Deluxe Rolling Bauble Chest contains special compartments that allow you to store and transport your décor with ease. Meanwhile, our Multipurpose Storage Box offers a roomy interior for artificial greenery and other festive trimmings.

Maintain your artificial Christmas tree’s shape and beauty with a quality storage bag that puts a premium on your convenience and ease. Learn more tips on how to care for your seasonal décor through our Resource Centre.

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