Balsam Hill's traditional artificial foliage products exude classic elegance and serve as a timeless masterpiece for your home.
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Traditional Artificial Christmas Foliage

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  • 28" - 32" Wreaths (2)
  • 6' - 6.5' Garlands (1)
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  • LED Clear Lights (2)
    Our energy-efficient Candlelight™ LED lights never burn out and provide a warm glow like a candle's flame
  • Unlit (1)
  • Battery Operated (2)
    Wireless, battery-operated LED lights with convenient timer
  • £70 - £100 (3)
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The classic beauty of Balsam Hill's traditional Christmas wreaths and garlands infuses any space with a timeless air. Find the ideal artificial foliage product for your home by browsing through our selection of the most exquisite traditional decorative pieces.
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