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Christmas Trees with Multicoloured LED Lights

Artificial pre-lit LED Christmas trees give your home a festive look with minimal effort. Balsam Hill®'s selection features multi-coloured LED lights that are UL® approved. These lights come in classic colours and are professionally hand-strung to minimize the visibility of wires.

How Is a Pre-lit Christmas Tree Better than an Unlit Tree?

When choosing between a pre-lit and an unlit Christmas tree, consider these factors:

  • Convenience

A Balsam Hill® multicolour pre-lit Christmas tree features patented Easy Plug® technology wherein light strings are made within the trunk. This allows you to light up your centrepiece with a single plug. A pre-lit tree makes assembly easier, giving you more time to decorate.

If you prefer to string your own lights, choose an unlit tree. This will give you a blank canvas for your lights and decorations. We offer various Christmas lights for you to choose from. For safety purposes, consult with an electrician should you have any questions regarding your light strands.

  • Cost

A multicolour-lighted Christmas tree is a worthwhile investment. It eliminates the need to purchase lights separately. These can incur a higher cost, depending on how many you need. However, if you're looking for a more affordable option, an unlit Christmas tree is a practical choice. The trade-off is that it requires more effort to assemble and decorate.

  • Customisation

While it's true an unlit tree gives you a lot of decorating control, LED multicolour Christmas trees are also versatile. There's no need to stick to one colour palette. Mix and match a variety of baubles in different colours and get creative with your theme. If you prefer a whimsical display, then choose from our artificial pre-lit LED Christmas trees.

What Type of Lighted Christmas Tree Should You Buy?

While Balsam Hill® offers several kinds of pre-lit Christmas trees, it's important to know the difference between the two basic light types: Incandescent and LED.

  • Incandescent Lights

These traditional light bulbs heat a metal filament to emit a clear, warm glow. They're often used in homes and businesses as they're affordable and widely available.

  • LED lights

LED lights may cost more up-front but are more energy-efficient in the long run. They last longer and are a safer alternative, producing less heat than incandescent bulbs.

Balsam Hill® offers a variety of lighting options using LED bulbs. Besides multicolour pre-lit Christmas trees, choose from Colour + Clear™ LED lights or Clear Fairy lights with micro bulbs. If you want an animated display, explore our Twinkly® Light Show selection.

Learn more about the different types of pre-lit Christmas trees here.

How Do You Decorate a Christmas Tree with Multicoloured Lights?

Create a dazzling display with Balsam Hill®'s pre-lit centrepieces. If you're celebrating al fresco, brighten a covered area with an outdoor multicolour Christmas tree. Regardless of location, how you decorate your centrepiece makes all the difference.

Artificial pre-lit LED Christmas trees are versatile in that you have the freedom to play with colour. For example, a traditional theme works well with multi-coloured lights. Use baubles in classic Christmas shapes or rustic elements like pinecones.

Take this opportunity to display your collection of vintage tree decorations. Crown it with an heirloom tree topper for a hint of nostalgia. Or choose from Balsam Hill®'s elegant Christmas décor collections to elevate your display. You can also use a few large baubles as statement pieces that complement the colourful lighting. Add a unique tree skirt or collar to complete the theme.

For more information on how to select and decorate your Christmas tree, visit our Resource Centre.