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New Artificial Christmas Foliage

Balsam Hill is delighted to present our new Christmas wreaths and garlands. Create a stunning backdrop for memorable celebrations with our new Christmas garland and wreath selections.

How Do You Choose Artificial Wreaths and Garlands?

Measure your space to determine the size of wreath and garland to get. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the perfect ones for your home.

How to Choose Your New Christmas Wreaths

Measure the height and width of the area where you plan to hang your wreath. The wreath should cover at least 50% and up to 75% of the total width without going any taller or wider than the hanging surface. Our artificial wreaths range from 18 inches to 60 inches in diameter.

For a standard 30 to 36-inch door, leave 6 inches of space on both sides of the wreath. Choose a bigger wreath for a dramatic effect, but leave at least 2 inches of space on each side.

How to Choose Your New Christmas Garlands

Use string, yarn, or ribbon as a placeholder. The length you end up with is the same size you need for your garland. Our artificial garlands range from 6 to 10 feet long and can be connected to create a longer garland.

To wrap around objects such as columns, plan to use twice as much length as the height of the object. So if you have a 9-foot column, you need an 18-foot garland. For a flat surface such as door frames, allot at least 2 inches on each end to hang off the edge.

Can You Put Artificial Wreaths and Garlands Outside?

You can hang artificial greenery outside, but you have to make sure they’re safe for outdoor use. Our outdoor-safe wreaths and garlands are coated with UV-protection to protect them from elements and preserve their beauty. To last longer, we recommend displaying them for a total of three months out of the year. Read our guide on how to set up your latest Christmas garlands and wreaths, including how to hang greenery without drills or nails.

How Do You Decorate with Foliage for Christmas?

There are a variety of ways you can dress up your home with our latest Christmas wreaths and garlands. Here's how you can bring cheer and merriment to both indoor and outdoor spaces.


  • Porch and Patio – Hang wreaths of varying sizes from the ceiling using ribbons or nylon fishing lines. Attach matching garlands to door frames, railings, and columns.
  • Exterior windows – Place a Christmas wreath in the centre of each window and leave 4 to 6 inches of space on both sides.
  • Backyard – Turn your backyard into an outdoor retreat. Decorate the fences, gates, and shed with festive outdoor-safe greenery and potted trees.


  • Mantel – Create a point of interest seen from any corner of the room with a pre-lit wreath and matching garlands. Add flameless candles to your mantel display for a warm, inviting ambience.
  • Dining room – Wake up to beautiful mornings with one of our new arrival Christmas wreaths in your breakfast nook. Make your dinner guests feel special with small wreaths at the back of each chair.
  • Bedroom – Place a wreath on the wall above your bed and drape garlands along your bedframe for a refreshing atmosphere. Add a framed photo on the centre of the wreath for a more personal touch.

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