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Christmas Stockings & Stocking Holders

Surprise your loved ones with small presents tucked away in beautiful Christmas stockings. Balsam Hill's Christmas stockings and Christmas stocking holders are the perfect accessories for your gift-giving traditions. Available in assorted prints and fabrics, these decorations complete your fireplace mantel.

What Kind of Stocking Should You Get?

When looking for Christmas stockings, you'll find many designs to suit different tastes and decorating styles. Here are three things to consider as you go through your options:

  • Design

Balsam Hill's stockings are offered in styles ranging from classic cable knit to more playful designs with embroidered appliqués. Find the design that complements your Christmas tree baubles and tree skirt or collar.

  • Material

The material of your stockings enhances your display and the experience of gift-giving. Cotton, wool, and polyester are just a few of the common materials used. These may feature accents such as glitters, beads, faux fur, and needlework to create a unique look.

  • Durability

Since stockings are made to hold small presents, it's important that both the stocking and its holder are sturdy enough to support their weight. You also want to make sure they can be used for more than just one season.

How Do You Hang Christmas Stockings?

Use Christmas stocking hangers to secure your stockings while also coordinating with the rest of your décor. For a more polished look, place a Christmas stocking holder stand on top of your fireplace mantel. Browse Balsam Hill's Christmas stocking holder sets and find the best match for your theme. Each holder can typically hold up to five or seven pounds, so there's no need to worry about your knick-knacks.

What Do You Put in a Christmas Stocking?

The best part of putting up decorative stockings is digging into them come Christmas morning. Chocolates and candies are popular stocking fillers, but you can make this tradition even more meaningful with personalised gifts for your loved ones.

  • For your spouse or partner

Is there anything more thoughtful than giving your partner something they need without them asking for it? It could be a disposable camera or polaroid film to capture new memories, an engraved pen, or a bag of their favourite tea or coffee.

  • For your sibling

For your brother or sister, consider a small pocketbook or a collection of poems. If they are into writing, gift them a mini journal that they can easily tuck away in their bag. Then, add a handwritten letter for a heart-warming touch.

  • For your child

Whether your child is still a toddler or already a young adult, you can always give them something related to their hobbies and interests. It could be a colouring or puzzle set, a new game to play, or clothes for their activities.

  • For your niece or nephew

From wool scarves to pillowy mittens, you won't go wrong with gifting your niece or nephew with winterwear. You can also opt to give them a gift card from their favourite clothing store.

  • For yourself

Who says you can't put gifts in your own stocking? Treat yourself to something you've always wanted to buy. It could be that stationery set you've been eyeing, luxury bath products, or a bottle of perfume.

Make Christmas mornings more memorable with stockings filled with surprises. Shop our extensive collection of Christmas decorations at Balsam Hill today. To learn more about Christmas decorating, visit our guide.