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7 - 7.5 Foot Christmas Trees

Balsam Hill’s 7-ft artificial Christmas trees fill your home with the spirit of the season. Featuring lush foliage and ample room for decorating, they’re the perfect centrepiece for many households this season.

How Do I Choose the Right Christmas Tree Height?

A good rule of thumb is to have a clearance of at least six inches between the ceiling and the top of your tree. This includes the topper and any decorative stand that adds height to the tree. For example, if you have 9-foot ceilings and you plan to use a 12-inch star topper, you’ll need a 7.5-foot Christmas tree. Note that the height of Balsam Hill Christmas trees is measured from the base of the stand to the topmost tip.

Is a 7-ft Christmas Tree Too Big?

A 7-foot Christmas tree is a suitable size for most rooms with a standard ceiling height of 8 to 10 feet. Since this is a popular height, Balsam Hill also offers a wide range of trees with pre-lit and unlit options to suit your living space and personal decorating style.

How Do I Choose the Right Christmas Tree Shape?

Choose a 7-foot artificial tree with a full shape if you have plenty of room. Full Christmas trees are perfect for spacious living rooms and wide foyers. For smaller spaces, our slim trees feature a narrow silhouette with the appeal of a full one. Calculate your available floor space and check it against the dimensions on our site. These measurements are based on the widest point of the tree.

What are the Most Realistic 7-foot artificial Christmas Trees?

Our most realistic 7ft Christmas trees are made with our exclusive award-winning True Needle® technology to capture the realism and beauty of evergreens. The foliage are moulded from real branches to mimic the shape, colour, and texture of natural Christmas trees. Here are some of our best-sellers:

BH Balsam Fir

Designed after farm-grown firs, our version of the popular Christmas tree features an iconic teardrop shape, upward-turning branches, and semi-flat needles. The pre-lit models come with Easy Plug® technology where lights are automatically connected within the trunk, so all you need to do is plug it into a power source.

BH Fraser Fir

Our Fraser fir takes inspiration from the beautiful firs of North Carolina and the Appalachian states in the U.S. The trees feature dark green needles with silver undersides and an organically shaped treetop that accurately mimics the colour and silhouette of natural Fraser firs.

BH Nordmann Fir

Inspired by the most popular Christmas tree species in Europe, the BH Nordmann Fir features waxy dark green needles that curve slightly to expose its silvery undersides. Meanwhile, the sloping branches and organically shaped treetop give the tree a more natural appearance.

What are the Best 7-foot Christmas Tree with Lights?

Balsam Hill’s collection of 7 ft pre-lit artificial Christmas trees comes in various lighting options to fit any decorating theme. Choose the Candlelight® LED option for that classic Christmas glow or our exclusive Colour+Clear® LED so you can switch from clear to multicolour to both. If you want to put on a spectacular light show for friends and family, our 7-ft pre-lit Christmas trees with Twinkly® Lights let you customise the lights from a mobile app.

Make this year’s festive season extra merry and bright with Balsam Hill’s 7 to 7.5 ft pre-lit Christmas trees. For more decorating inspiration, request a copy of our catalogue. Sign up for our newsletter to get notified on our latest promotions, sales, and new arrivals.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the most popular size artificial Christmas tree?

The most commonly purchased sizes for artificial Christmas trees tend to be between 7 and 7.5 feet tall. This size range is popular because it fits most homes with standard 8 to 9-foot ceilings.

What are the benefits of buying a 7-7.5 ft artificial Christmas tree?

Buying a 7 to 7.5-ft artificial Christmas tree offers a variety of benefits including convenience and cost savings. Artificial trees are easy to set up and take down, and they can be reused year after year. They also require no maintenance or watering, and they don't shed needles. Additionally, artificial trees are more cost-effective than real trees, and they don't require disposal after the Christmas season.

What types of 7-7.5 ft artificial Christmas trees are available?

Balsam Hill offers a wide selection of 7 to 7.5-ft artificial Christmas trees, including pre-lit, unlit, and frosted varieties. Our trees are made with the highest quality materials and feature realistic-looking needles and branches. We also offer a variety of sizes and styles to suit any home or budget.

What is the best way to store a 7-7.5 ft artificial Christmas tree?

The best way to store a 7-7.5 ft artificial Christmas tree is in a storage bag kept in a cool, dry place. Make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight and moisture.

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