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Assembly, Use and Care

Assembling Your Tree

This guide explains how to properly set up your Balsam Hill Christmas tree for the Christmas season. Note that the key to a beautifully full tree is in how you shape it. You can see our full article on shaping artificial Christmas trees here.

Before you Start

To make setting up the tree easier, we recommend asking family and friends to help, since it can take around two hours to set up and shape a tree for the first time.

What’s in the Box?

  • Assembly instructions
  • Tree stand with eyebolt
  • Numbered tree sections (Section 1 is the tree base)
  • Replacement bulbs/fuses for pre-lit trees
  • Cotton gloves
  • Storage bag


Traditional pre-lit trees have light strings that are manually connected from end-to-end outside the tree, as opposed to automatically connected inside the trunk, as with our Easy Plug™ models. All Balsam Hill™ trees use hinged branches that are already pre-attached to the center pole — no longer requiring you to attach the pieces individually to the trunk.

  • Step 1   |   Assemble Tree Stand

    Set up the base. Balsam Hill’s included tree base folds out into an X-shape comprised of four legs. Turn the eyebolt into the stand just enough to ensure the legs cannot fold back together.

  • Step 2   |   Secure the Tree

    Insert the bottom section of the tree into the base then tighten the eyebolt completely. The tree base should be straight up and down and should not wobble.

  • Step 3   |   Shape the Branches

    Open up the hinged branches and start to shape and fluff the branches. Insert the middle section(s) of the tree and open up the branches.

  • Step 4   |   Connect the Lights

    Connect the light plugs for non-Easy Plug™ trees, and make sure all of the lights are lit. Continue to fluff each section.

  • Step 5   |   Attach the Top Section

    After shaping the treetop on the ground, place it on the tree. Connect the light plugs for non-Easy Plug™ trees, and make sure all of the lights are lit.

  • Step 6   |   Inspect the Tree

    Step back from time to time to make sure the lights are evenly distributed and that the tree branches are fluffed to your liking.

Quick Tip:

Be sure the poles are properly aligned when assembling your tree. Do not force the poles into the tree sections, or disassembly will be difficult. A lubricant, like silicone spray, can be used to make this process easier. If a pole is bent or damaged, please contact Customer Service.

Note that the top section of our pre-lit trees comes with an extra end connector in case you need to plug in a lighted tree topper.

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