St. Moritz Spruce

Evoking the majesty of the snowcapped mountains of Switzerland, our St. Moritz Spruce artificial Christmas tree invites the invigorating natural beauty of the Swiss Alps into your home.
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Full 36"
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Candlelight™ LED
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Note: Height includes tree stand
Customers love the St. Moritz Spruce
You will not be disappointed
It arrived within 2 days of ordering, it was extremely well packaged. The bag is a very good idea for storage. Quality of the tree is good, and lighting system is very easy. More than plenty of lights for this size tree. You do need a cup of coffee and a bit of concentration to arrange the branches, but once that's done you will not be disappointed.
—Elaine_4 from Staffordshire
Great Product - Fast Delivery
Desperately needed a tree delivered fast. Saw one like this at a friend's and thought it was real. I was sitting right next to it! Always swore I would never by an artificial tree but have now changed my mind - am convinced!
—Lauren from London, UK
It looks amazing, very real, full, as it has more tips than most of the others and the lights are so evenly distributed. It is so pretty you don't even need decorations.
—Shopaholic from London
Fantastic realistic tree
Excellent service. Tree looks very real to the point all our visitors commented on the tree and presumed it was real. So easy to put together.
—Jules rube from Tyne & Wear
Excellent tree
Fantastic tree, highly recommended. Very good build quality, easy to assemble, and looks stunning. We're very happy with the purchase.
—Gleb from London, UK
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Lifelike Foliage

St. Moritz Spruce Trees' down-swept branches and arched upward tips are perfect for hanging ornaments. Attached, hinged branches fold outward for fast and easy setup. Crafted from flame-retardant and non-allergenic materials.

Primarily True Needle™ foliage (68%) for outstanding realism, with a small amount of Classic Needles (32%) for fullness.
St. Moritz Spruce PDP Foliage
Branch Detail
Long, soft needles in a deep forest-green hue, embellished with natural brown stems and alternating tapered tips.
Lush, Full Profile
Alternating dense and wide open tips in a beautiful downswept design, allowing ample space for large and heavy ornaments.
A branch from this tree is included in our branch sample kit.    LEARN MORE »
Industry-leading lights

The St. Moritz Spruce Tree is offered prelit with premium clear lights. Lights lock into place and feature twist-proof bulbs.

Energy-Saving LED Option
Because our energy-efficient LED lights have no filament, they cannot burn out.
Candlelight™ LED Lights
Unlike the cold light emitted from traditional LEDs, our energy-efficient Candlelight™ LEDs provide a warm glow reminiscent of a candle's flame.
Heavenly Christmas™ Lights
The very best lights available on the market. We optimize our light counts and bulb brightness to give each tree a balanced and warm festive glow.
Professionally Hand-Strung
UL® approved lights are professionally hand-strung to reduce the appearance of wires.
INCLUDED with THE St. Moritz Spruce
  • Premium tree stand with scratch-proof rubber feet
  • Off-season storage bag(s)
  • Soft cotton gloves to shape your tree in style
  • Extra bulbs included for pre-lit trees
Extended Product Warranty

We take great pride in the craftsmanship of each of our Balsam Hill™ products and we stand behind their quality. This product is covered by the following warranties:

  • Balsam Hill 10-year foliage warranty
  • Balsam Hill 3-year light warranty
Foliage Warranty
For products with True Needle technology
Light Warranty
For prelit products
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For more detailed delivery information, please see our Delivery Information FAQs.

Assembling your Balsam Hill™ Tree
Shaping your Tree
1. With each branch, separate out the individual tips and angle them out and away from the center of the tree.
2. Angle the tips furthest back on the branch and sideways out from the branch to resemble a peacock's fanned tail when shaped.
3. Shape the branches vertically upward as much as possible to give the tree its full appearance. Enjoy your Balsam Hill™ tree!
Storing your Tree
1. Remove all ornaments. Check that the tree is unplugged and the wires are not twisted or tangled to avoid damage while in storage.
2. With the tree still standing, un-fluff the branches and detach each section of the tree.
3. Secure the compressed sections with a cord or ribbon before placing them in the provided storage bag. Store your tree in a cool, dry location.
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