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    Enjoy the splendour of nature in your home with lifelike artificial greenery that never wilt or dry. Make sure to preserve their beauty with proper care, which includes choosing the right garland and wreath storage.

    Cleaning Artificial Wreaths and Garlands

    The first step before storing your artificial wreaths and garlands is to clean them. While your faux foliage don’t need a lot of maintenance, keep them looking fresh and vibrant with these simple tips:

    • Regularly clean your artificial wreaths while on display to prevent build-up of dirt and dust.
    • Wipe your artificial foliage using a soft, dry cloth or fabric duster to remove any dirt. Avoid washing them with water, soap, or other cleaning agents as this may damage your décor and void the warranty.
    • For pre-lit wreaths and garlands, clean carefully with a soft-bristle paintbrush.

    Storing Artificial Wreaths and Garlands

    Maintain the shape and appearance of your artificial greenery with proper garland and wreath storage. Here are tips to get you started:

    • Choose a storage location away from direct heat and sunlight. To prevent deformation and discolouration of faux foliage, keep wreath and garland storage bags in a cool, dry place like the closet, attic, or even under the bed. Another option is to use a Christmas wreath holder that you can hang over the door.
    • Invest in specially designed garland and wreath storage bags. Choose wreath and garland storage bags made with sturdy, durable material. You can also use airtight hard plastic containers to maintain the shape of your artificial foliage. As an alternative, store irregularly shaped or oversized items in large trash bags or cloth cover.
    • Allow enough space when packing. Don’t cram too many items into one container. Using separate bags or bins for each piece helps preserve their shape and prevent damage to attached baubles.

    Balsam Hill Wreath and Garland Storage Solutions

    Our Wreath Storage Bag keeps your artificial foliage looking new season after season. Padded for extra protection, our wreath storage bags feature an inner hanger and a carrying handle to allow storage in an upright position. You can also hang your wreath over the door with a Christmas wreath holder that provides additional support to your décor.

    Balsam Hill’s Rolling Multi-Purpose Greenery Bag is a versatile storage container that keeps several items in one place. Its spacious interior makes it a perfect garland storage bag that also accommodates a small Christmas tree and other foliage items. It has two heavy-duty wheels so it’s easy to move from place to place.

    The Multi-Purpose Storage Box is ideal for storing artificial garlands, swags, flower arrangements, and other decorations. It comes with a removable top drawer to organise small items like baubles, tree picks, and ribbons, and has handles and wheels for added convenience.

    Maintain the beauty of your artificial foliage for years to come with Balsam Hill’s premium garland and wreath storage bags. Browse our foliage hangers and storage solutions to conveniently store your greenery and other Christmas decorations.

    Contact our Customer Service Team for questions and concerns about Balsam Hill wreath and garland storage items. Sign up for our catalogue to find the perfect artificial Christmas tree, greenery, and décor for your home.

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