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    Christmas in July Sale Save up to 50% Ends 3 Aug Shop Sale
    Potted Trees
    Our artificial potted trees make stunning accents to entryways and porches, and many have pre-strung lights that create a soft, warm glow.

    Artificial Potted Christmas Trees & Topiaries


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      Incredibly realistic trees using primarily our exclusive True Needle™ award-winning foliage
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      Realistic trees using a mixture of True Needle™ foliage & classic PVC needles
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      The warm candle-like glow of a traditional light in an LED.
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    Lifelike artificial potted trees, plants, and topiaries are versatile decorations that add warmth and charm to your home. They’re suitable for display just about anywhere and make a big difference to a bare space. Browse Balsam Hill’s collection of potted trees and topiaries to find the best ones for you.

    Decorate with Artificial Potted Trees and Artificial Topiaries

    Balsam Hill’s artificial potted trees and artificial topiary plants make stunning accents both indoors and outdoors. Their rich colours and striking designs enhance your space and spread cheer throughout your home. Let our artificial potted trees and topiaries brighten up these areas all year round:

    Outdoor Areas

    Liven up front porches, patios, or walkways with artificial topiary trees and potted artificial Christmas trees. Choose a pair of artificial topiary trees or smaller potted plants to flank your entryways or line several of them along the porch steps.

    Fireplace Mantel

    Often considered as the focal point of a room, the fireplace is a popular spot to decorate with greenery. Place artificial topiary plants on both ends of the mantel, or arrange a group of potted artificial Christmas trees in varying heights beside the fireplace as whimsical accents.

    Home Office

    Bring a touch of nature into your workspace by placing a potted artificial Christmas tree on a desk or shelf. It creates a festive atmosphere and adds a refreshing pop of colour for every season.


    Plants are a great way to make your kitchen warm and homey. Place an artificial potted tree on a counter or windowsill for a welcoming ambience.

    Dining Room

    Set a beautiful scene for family meals and Yuletide gatherings with artificial topiary trees or potted artificial Christmas trees. Use them as your table centrepiece or as accents for your buffet table.


    Create a relaxing oasis with touches of green throughout your bedroom. Choose artificial topiary plants for your vanity or bedside tables to add charm to your room décor.

    Choose the Best Artificial Potted Tree and Artificial Topiary For Your Home


    If you want the classic look of evergreens, take your pick from Balsam Hill’s undecorated pre-lit artificial potted trees and topiaries. Enjoy the simple beauty of their warm, candlelike glow at night for an enchanting sight.


    A potted artificial Christmas tree with seasonal accents makes a great secondary tree to complement your main display or decorate other spaces. Go for frosted foliage to capture the beauty of snow in wintertime.


    Get the look of manicured estate gardens with elegant artificial topiary trees that lend a graceful feel to your home. We offer topiaries that are UV-protected for outdoor display.

    Shop artificial potted trees and topiary plants for your home at Balsam Hill today. Complete your decorating set with our wide assortment of wreaths, garlands, foliage, and more. Sign up for our catalogue to get design inspiration and discover our latest offerings for the season. For any questions or concerns about our products, get in touch with our Customer Service Team.

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