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    Trees by Height
    Shop Artificial Christmas Trees by Height. All of our trees are measured from the base of the included tree stand or pot to the top of the tree.

    When choosing an artificial Christmas tree, it’s important to ensure that its size suits your decorating space. Balsam Hill carries a variety of artificial Christmas tree sizes for different areas, whether wide or narrow with high or low ceilings. All our trees are measured from the base of their stand to the uppermost tip.

    Balsam Hill Artificial Christmas Tree Heights

    Under 5 Feet Christmas Trees

    If you’re short on space or simply want more room for presents and decorations, consider our 4 to 4.5 feet artificial Christmas trees. These smaller trees may be placed atop tables and mantels in your living spaces and entryways.

    5 to 5.5 Feet Christmas Trees

    Balsam Hill offers 5- to 5.5-feet tall Christmas trees for small spaces and corners. This Christmas tree height is perfect if you want a second tree or one for your kids to decorate. Set in the guest bedroom, kitchen, or any place that can use a bit of festive cheer. They’re small enough to display anywhere—even your office cubicle, motorhome, or boat.

    6 to 6.5 Feet Christmas Trees

    This Christmas tree size is ideal for areas with lower ceilings of up to 8 feet. With our 6 to 6.5 feet tall Christmas trees, you usually won’t need to use a step stool or ladder to hang baubles. This makes decorating easier and more convenient.

    7 to 7.5 Feet Christmas Trees

    7 to 7.5 feet is our most popular Christmas tree height range as it looks great in rooms with standard ceiling heights of 8 to 10 feet. It’s commonly used as the main Christmas tree in the living room, family room, or dining room

    8 to 12 Feet Christmas Trees

    As Balsam Hill’s second most popular Christmas tree height range, 8 to 9 feet artificial Christmas trees are suitable for larger rooms with higher-than-average ceilings of 10 to 11 feet. Choose this Christmas tree size for spaces with vaulted ceilings or outdoor areas where you have more vertical space.

    Create a dramatic display with artificial Christmas tree sizes reaching up to 12 feet tall. These large Christmas tree sizes are ideal for estate-sized homes and homes with two-story foyers or halls. Keep in mind that you’ll need a step ladder to decorate trees of this size.

    Balsam Hill Artificial Christmas Tree Shapes

    An advantage of artificial Christmas trees is being able to choose your preferred tree shape. Balsam Hill Christmas trees come in different profiles. If you want the classic silhouette, choose a full-shaped tree. If you prefer the look of a traditional Christmas tree but have limited space, go for a narrow Christmas tree.

    For smaller areas, select a space-saving Christmas tree. Slim trees are elegant alone and beautiful when displayed in pairs to frame fireplaces or entryways.

    For those who can only spare a corner, Balsam Hill’s flatback Christmas trees are the way to go. They fit snugly against the wall and provide the look of a full traditional tree while taking up half the floor space.

    Balsam Hill offers a wide variety of Christmas tree sizes and shapes for your home. We offer lifelike beauty and premium quality in artificial Christmas trees that you can enjoy for years to come.

    Read our article on the Balsam Hill Difference to learn more about our most realistic artificial Christmas trees.

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