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    Best Selling Wreaths, Garlands
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    Warm up hearth and home with our
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    Best Selling Artificial Christmas Wreaths & Garlands


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    • 24" - 26" Wreaths (1)
    • 28" - 32" Wreaths (2)
    • 6' - 6.5' Garlands (3)
    • 9' - 10' Garlands (1)
    • Most Realistic (2)
      Incredibly realistic trees using primarily our exclusive True Needle™ award-winning foliage
    • Realistic (3)
      Realistic trees using a mixture of True Needle™ foliage & classic PVC needles
    Light Type
    • Candlelight™ Clear LED (7)
      The warm candle-like glow of a traditional light in an LED.
    • Battery Operated (7)
    Decoration Options
    • Decorated (7)
      Beautiful, pre-decorated foliage to add sophisticated elegance to your home
    • Outdoor Wreaths and Garlands (3)
    • Over £100 (7)
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    Welcome the timeless beauty of nature into your home with stunning artificial greenery. Our best-selling artificial wreaths and garlands are expertly crafted with lifelike details that add Christmas cheer to any space.

    Best-Selling Artificial Wreaths & Garlands for Your Theme

    Complement your Christmas tree with our selection of best-selling artificial wreaths and garlands. Balsam Hill®’s faux greenery are made with the same foliage as our artificial Christmas trees. They feature highly realistic True Needle® tips, classic PVC needles, or a mix of both, to capture the look of real evergreens.

    Whether lit or unlit, classic Christmas greenery suits a wide range of themes and styles. Undecorated wreaths and garlands with lush green foliage are perfect for minimalist displays and allow you to add seasonal accents. For a more festive look, choose artificial greenery that are pre-decorated with charming details such as pinecones, ribbons, leaves, and berries.

    Some of our best-selling artificial garlands and wreaths are offered pre-lit for your convenience. Equipped with clear LEDs, these pre-lit variants showcase the cosy warm glow of traditional lights. They are professionally hand-strung to minimise the appearance of wires while providing the best coverage. Some pre-lit options are battery-operated so you can place them anywhere without worrying about outlets or wires.

    Best-Selling Artificial Wreaths & Garlands for Any Space

    Put up a stylish display year after year with long-lasting and versatile artificial greenery. There are endless decorating ideas to try with our best-selling artificial wreaths. Hang a Vermont White Spruce wreath on your front door and place its matching garland over your doorways and entryways for a grand welcome.

    Add a touch of freshness to your indoor areas with the rich green branch tips of our Fraser Fir Foliage. Drape this best-selling artificial garland over mantels, banisters, windows, dining tables, and other corners that need some sprucing up.

    Bring the season’s festivities to your exterior spaces with our outdoor-safe artificial greenery. They are UV-protected to maintain their beautiful hues even under sunlight. For a charming rustic display, adorn your porch or patio with our Mixed Evergreen Foliage.

    Sizing Tips for Our Best-Selling Artificial Garlands & Wreaths

    Before buying a garland, use string or yarn as a placeholder to determine the length you need. Standard doors or mantels usually require garlands 6 to 6.5 feet long. Meanwhile, garlands 9 to 10 feet long are ideal for wider archways and double doors. Balsam Hill®’s best-selling artificial garlands can be linked together to create longer pieces.

    For wreaths, measure the height and width of your chosen hanging surface. Your wreath should cover 50 to 75% of the space’s width and its outer edges should be at least 6 inches away from the door frame. For a more dramatic effect, choose a bigger wreath and leave about 2 inches of space on each side.

    Spread cheer to your indoor and outdoor spaces with our best-selling artificial wreaths and garlands. Browse the Balsam Hill® website today to shop our assortment of artificial greenery and other seasonal décor.

    To learn more about wreaths and garlands, explore our Greenery Guide.

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