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Instructions For Your Balsam Hill® Christmas Tree.

Congratulations on purchasing your new tree from Balsam Hill®! Please review these instructions carefully to help you quickly and easily set up your new tree. Remember the most important aspect of enjoying your tree is to properly shape the branches and tips (see "Shaping your Tree"). You can also watch our how-to video on assembling your tree.

Assembly Instructions

  1. Choose a location to assemble your tree. For lighted trees, choose a location near a wall outlet.

  2. Remove contents from the box(es) and set aside the bags of extra lights and hinge pins and washers for future use. For lighted trees, before use or reuse, inspect the tree carefully to ensure there are no cut, damaged, or frayed wire insulation or cords, exposed copper wire, loose connections, or cracks in the lightholders or enclosures.

  3. Identify the total number of sections of your tree. When you first purchase your tree, each section is labeled with a hangtag with a letter or number to help identify the sections' location within the tree. For specific instructions, consult the Additional Assembly Instructions pamphlet which is attached to the inside flap of the tree carton within the envelope containing the extra bulbs.

  4. Assemble the tree base by pulling apart the legs of the base so they are X-shaped. Align the holes in the base and the flange and start screwing the eye bolt into the base through the flange. (See Figure A.) The eyebolt is packed in a plastic bag attached to the leg of the tree stand. For potted trees, the base is built into the pot.

  5. Identify the bottom section of the tree and place it into the assembled base. (See Figure B.)

  6. Make sure the pole is fully inserted into the base and then tighten the eye bolt to secure the pole in the base. The eye bolt will rest against the center pole when fully inserted through the flange and tree stand.

  7. Continue to build your tree from the ground up by inserting the remaining sections one at a time. (See Figure C.) Allow branches to fall into place – pull gently up and out if needed. You may choose to shape each section of the tree (see "Shaping Your Tree" below) before adding in the next section to provide easier access to shape the inner branch tips.

  8. For lighted trees, follow the directions on the "Additional Assembly Instructions" for your tree to properly connect each string of lights to its respective extension cord socket. Each string is color-coded with stickers on the plugs to match the appropriate extension cord socket. Please note that it is recommended that you connect the lights between sections as you are building the tree. Please refer to the "Additional Assembly Instructions" to view where the connections are located within the tree.

Assembly Instructions

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